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If you could help Corsair make a new PSU how would you design it?


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Well like the title says if you could design a Corsair PSU what would you make and what features would it have?


For me I would just update the GS 800 PSU which I currently have with RGB fan Lighting instead of just Red, White and Blue LED colors and then adapt it for Corsair Link support and make the cables modular and sleeved and finally I would make sure its 80 PLUS Silver or above, its 80 PLUS Bronze right now but it could be better. Hopefully someone from Corsair will read this and think about my suggestions :biggrin:


Feel free to post


Most of my ideal GS series PSU features


  • RGB Fans
  • Corsair Link Support
  • Modular Cables
  • 80 PLUS Silver rating or better
  • Japanese/High-Quality Capacitors
  • Zero RPM Fan Mode/Low Noise
  • ATX Form Factor
  • Single or Multiple 12V Rails
  • Possibly a power rating beyond 800 watts
  • Voltage, Current and Short Circuit Protection

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