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HELP MM800 RGB POLARIS MousePad,how to?


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just bought the new MM800 RGB POLARIS Gaming Mouse Pad


amazing product


so connected it via usb3, but all I see is rainbow effect


Ive opened the corsair software that controls my RGB K95 keyboard.


I expected the software to auto pick up the new corsair device but this has not happened...


When I connect my strafe and k95 together the software instantly recognises both rgb products and in the software I can individually control the rgb profiles ect


But with the new polaris I cant control shizz, neither has corsair the drivers for the polaris!!


So how to get the software peeps? how can I control the new rgb mouse pad?


What am I missing as there was nothing in the box!


Please help

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Just got that mm800 my my self , it's not you it's the cue 2 that's the issue as it has more bugs in the software than the amazon forest has bugs, you also lose your profiles installing cue 2, I tried that software around 2 weeks ago on my k95 rgb and m65 pro I could not then setup the lighting correct but it was the same software version. I just reverted back to cue only problem I am stuck with Raindow effect on the mm800.
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