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M65 Pro RGB won't store my settings on the device.


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I'm having a problem to store the mouse settings on the device.


I've swapped a bit between CUE versions, first I installed 2.4.66 and things seemed to work fine. Then I uninstalled it and tested the 1.16.42, and it asked me to upgrade the mouse firmware. (which I already retried on 2.4.66 and it said it was already updated).


Since then, I cannot store my settings to my mouse.


If I try it on 1.16.42, it stores everything randomly, (I configure a static red light, and a custom DPI settings and colors, and it stores a green static light, and only the Sniper DPI and color, all other DPI Profiles are the default ones)


If I try it on 2.4.66, however, it stores the static lighting correctly, and the Sniper DPI correctly. It also stores the first DPI profile correctly, and the last profile (the fifth from up to downwards) is stored with the value set on the previous profile (the fourth from up to downwards) and the default color. Every other DPI profile has default values and colors.


When any CUE versions are open, however, everything works as expected, but I really wish I didn't have to keep it open.


So, what is wrong with my mouse/config? Is it the firmware version?


I'm also attaching my profile, if it's any use. (I'm actually with a Rainbow color scheme, and I'm aware this scheme won't get saved, that's why the profile has a Static Red color Scheme (or should. This one DOES get saved on 2.4.66)).


P.S.: Right now I'm running CUE 2.4.66, and I did a clean install on it as suggested on a Corsair FAQ, deleting the devices from Device manager and the AppData Corsair folder. I'm also using Win10 Anniversary 64.


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