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Vengeance C70 front panel USB replacement how to?


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absolutely love this case.

but my case came with a defective reset switch. Corsair was awesome and sent me an entire new USB / power / reset front panel. its a big black thing that sits right behind the green plate on the front and has all the guts and wires for the front panel.


do any of you guys know how to swap in this new part?


PS doing a build from scratch, and then having to trouble shoot / figure out that a HAIR triggered reset switch was the problem was nuts. i was pulling my hair out for days. it would trip when someone even walked in the room or the machine was touched, -poof- reboot, was real fun! :)

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Okay i figured it out. remove both sides, then the three tabs to remove the front panel exposes the IO. i tested the rest switch on the old IO panel and it tested fine. but the button on the front panel is whats resting too tightly against the IO reset. so i put it back together with the old parts. maybe i can mail this back to corsair and they can send me the right part.


i'll go update my ticket.

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Drop the hot glue on the ends of the buttons (inside), or under each screw, place the paper 0.8mm.

The distance will shorten and everything will work - the RESET button will definitely rise and the click will begin to feel.:sunglasse



I see that the support guys are poorly advised :laughing:

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