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Aurora, can I use it for performance my games?


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Hi there.

Today my new keyboard arrived! It's a Strafe RGB silent

With all this lights and stuff I was wondering if I can change the rgb lights depending what team takes me in League of Legends, for example. (sorry for my English). So I searched in Google and it's seems to be possible with a program names Aurora, but the post was about the model K70.

Now, my question is: Can I run it with my Strafe? It works in games like LoL, CSGO and so

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Author here, yes you can run it with a Strafe.


The currently public version has a "unified" layout for Corsair keyboards. I'm working on splitting them up as well as include mice layouts. More info on the matter can be found here.



Anton, i've got a problem when I run Aurora:

"No keyboard detected, please ensure that you have SDK enabled for your keyboard"

I check the SDK option in the CUE, but the problem is there. What can I do?

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Are you using CUE 2? I have CUE 2.3.74 installed and it's working fine.


Hey guys, I've got the last version of CUE 2, got the SDK checked too. I still don't know why I've got the problem with Aurora.

Here I put an image from CUE 2, so you can see what I told you before.



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