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H100i GTX not going above 40c


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Hi guys I'm having a little issue with my h100i GTX


I've owned this for 12 months now never had an issue with it until the last few days for some reason the fans went into over drive mode

I've always kept fan speed on default setting and pump at performance mode.


The other day I was in the middle of playing a game I when when all of a sudden the fans got like us very loud first time I heard the fans run so loud they were almost at 3000rpm I noticed the cooler temp at at 39.9c and my cpu was at 50c the gpu at 70c


It's been fine last 12 months fans never hit anywhere near 2000 and now it's become so loud I can't sit next to my PC it sounds like the cooler is at boiling point and gets louder and louder until I end up turning the PC off this is all after 20 mins or less of use


Before this I never had any issues


My rig is i5 4690k not overclocked

Gtx 1060

Psu 600

8gb ram

Gigabyte g1 sniper z97 rev 1.x

Nzxt h440

H100i gtx


Everything kept standard since the day I bought everything


Appreciate any advice


Thanks in advance

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What is the H100iGTX pump speed?

Is one tube much hotter than the other?

How hot is a radiator? Is it also > 40°C

I am wondering if there is some sort of flow issue and either the pump has failed or there is a blockage.


BTW you should press [Edit System Specs] and add your PC specs to your profile rather than posting them

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Thanks for your reply, I have updated my profile.


The pump speed is at 2940rpm radiator is hitting 40c constantly which is probably what's causing fans to go crazy, I had a look at the tubes both temps felt the same one wasn't hotter than the other but I will confirm again today just in case.


I have created a ticket corsair has asked me numerous questions so far asking for screenshots, whether I've cleaned the cooler for dust and initially said it was entirely normal for the cooler to behave in this way although it hasn't in the past 12 months


Thanks again

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When you say "radiator is hitting 40c constantly" how do you know? I was asking about the actual radiator rather than the H100iGTX pump unit. If there is a flow issue the radiator would be at room/case temperature.


Before the issue what was the H100iGTX temperature and what is the room/case temperature?


From what you have said I assumed this was a sudden change, if so then it's unlikely to be caused by dust build up.


Further where is the H100iGTX radiator mounted and is it intake or exhaust?

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Ah right ok I haven't checked the actually radiator I will take the lid off and take a look today after work I can't remember what the h100i temps were before the issues started because I never had to check the cooler I've never had to change settings or open the link software.


Room temps are between 20-25 max il have a look at case temp too when I get in


Thanks again

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