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CUE has detected an error during update check


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Also a popup saying device not recognized when plugging in my keyboard. Link to screenshot is below, can somebody tell me why this is happening? This keyboard has had issues ever since I bought it when it first came out. When I set my keyboard to be all white or certain colors, a few of the keys light up different colors it seems random.


So I think it's defective. This is a fresh install of cue on a fresh install of windows 10, reinstalling won't likely fix any of this. Any ideas? I'm just about to throw out this $200 worth of frustration for a $30 replacement keyboard, because this just isn't cool.


screenshot: https://postimg.org/image/8eyvanpht/


edit: didn't realize that was a beta version of cue, thought it was a new update i switched back now. Only have one of the 2 usb's plugged in and I don't get that device not recognized error. Don't really understand. BUT still having the issue of some keys displaying the wrong colors.


EDIT: In case you are wondering, NO, I never figured out what was wrong. Corsair never reached out to help. I got a new keyboard for my birthday that works way better. Still have a corsair mouse, though. and this piece of **** forgets it's settings and keybindings every ****ing day. **** corsair!

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