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RMx / RMi coil whine


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I've recently bought a couple of Corsair power supplies on sale on Amazon and there are weird things with them. 2 RM550x and 1 RM650i. All do buzz during operation, one of them also has a high-pitched noise when powered but the computer is off.

I've read here and there that coilwhine could happen and it was a matter of bad luck, but I got a 100% quality failure rate with 3 units (and before someone questions it, no, it doesn't come from anything other than the power supplies, tested off-case with different computers, and my old Antec Truepower Trios never did any electrical noise).


I also noticed the two RM550x packages were sealed with two different labels on the top of each others, and there seemed to be slightly shifted marks of a label having been unstuck in that area for one of those. Apparently nothing suspect about the RM650i though, one single label.


But I'm wondering, could it be that Amazon sells off bad batches or refurbished products ? Or is it just that the quality of RMx / RMi series is WAY overrated ?

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