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"Project 1080" - SLI GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming 1080 Build

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Hey all, Chris from Corsair ANZ here!


Thought I'd share a little build that I did in cooperation with an awesome modder, MiniGoob Mods.


Named 'Project 1080' (yeah, we're not great at names!), the centrepiece of this build is a lovely pair of GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming 1080 graphics cards, backed up by the might of 64GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM, an Intel 6700k, a GIGABYTE UD3-TH ATX motherboard and more.




While I was the 'builder' and MiniGoob was the 'modder', we wanted to do something quite simple with this PC, aiming for slight alterations to the original design that most people could aspire to do on their own rigs at home.


With MiniGoob being a sign writer by trade, vinyl was certainly on our mind. This matched with my love of stand-out component design, we decided to produce the following kit:

  • Blacked-out motherboard heatsinks
  • Vinyl-wrapped case design
  • Vinyl-wrapped PSU cover
  • Vinyl-etch for logos
  • Laser etched Corsair logo on PSU cover
  • Laser etched Corsair logo on AIO radiator
  • An abundance of White LED Fans
  • LED strips for extra pop


Here's a full Imgur album if you're keen to see more: http://imgur.com/a/aeONP

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The idea for this build was to black-out all background features and use the vinyl plus abundance of LEDs to help 'pop' the video cards and RAM in this case, showing off where the true power of this PC comes from.


Here you can see the painted and vinyl-covered motherboard heat sinks (as they come yellow/gold from the factory).




Adding in a little bit more style, we decided to throw a bunch of Corsair SP140 white LED fans into the mix, eventually evened out with Corsair LED strips and two Corsair Commander units, making sure the LED strips would smoothly transition between white and purple colours, giving the PC a bit more 'style'.




Adding these fans to the H115i radiator and projecting them over the Dominator RAM came out quite well.



However, all of this light comes at a price - that being, this PC is now a beacon of light.


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Here' a quick close up of the almost-finished design. This is when we took it along to the NVIDIA ANZ Pascal (1080) Celebration Party.



The build in its current stage looks something like this.



Here it is at Respawn LAN in Victoria, Australia.



And finally, here's my initial 3D Mark Time Spy core, running everything at out-of-the-box clocks. A score of 10,620 isn't too bad, coupled with a graphics score of 13,417.




Last but not least, here's the full kit!

VGA: 2x GIGABYTE Xtreme Gaming 1080s

CPU: Intel 6700K


RAM: 64GB Corsair Dominator RAM

SSD: 2x Corsair Neutron XT 480GB

HDD: WD 6TB Black


CASE: Corsair 600C

COOL: Corsair H100i

PSU: Corsair HX1500i

FAN: Corsair SP140 White LED

DISPLAY: ViewSonic Australia & New Zealand VP2780-4K


CABLE: Gamerchief Black Sleeved Cables

LED: 4x Corsair LED Strips

CONTROL: 2x Corsair Commander Mini


Thanks to GIGABYTE ANZ, NVIDIA ANZ, Viewsonic ANZ and WD for helping out with this project!


Once again, more pictures are available here: http://imgur.com/a/aeONP

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