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Corsair commander mini and graphite 780T


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Hi guys


I just bought these two parts for my new system, a corsair commander mini and a case model graphite 780T. As you may know the case has a button to control case fans speed,. This button has 3 sets, low mid and max.


I was wondering if it is any way I can use the corsair commander mini for fan control and still be able to use the fan control button on the case.


If this data can help, the case has 3 wire fan connectors, while commander mini uses 4 wire connectors.


Thanks in advance.

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I see tyvm for the help friend.


Uhh btw I have 5 case fans that will connect to the cmd mini, and also have two of these corsair Ram coolers that also can be connected to the cmd mini, but problem is that it only have one fan port left, may I conect those last two to a same port using a wire Splitter?

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