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M65 Pro - Scroll Wheel to Control Sound?


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Hello! I just purchased the M65 Pro mouse and am loving it so far. I've also downloaded and installed the latest CUE software. I can see that I can reconfigure the mouse buttons and even the scroll wheel, but I am not sure if/how I can do what I want here.


I would like to use the scroll wheel to control volume up and down (scroll up, volume up. Scroll down, volume down). I can add a media action to the scroll wheel, but it only seem to work on a press with the scroll wheel and not with scrolling.


I previously had another mouse that allowed me to use the scroll wheel to both scroll on a webpage (for example) and to control volume via scrolling (when watching a movie or playing music.


Is this possible to configure in CUE with the M65 Pro?


Thanks in advance.

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