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Unable to control fan's speed


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I just recieve my H80i v2 as a replacement from a RMA of a H80 GT. After the mounting I install the latest version of Corsair Link ( and for my disgrace, I can only modify the LED color and the pump speed but no the fan's speed at all. It's stuck at 780rpm (lowest speed) and nothing I can do change that.


I try around 5 or 6 different version of Corsair Link. As a result, with the I was able to change de fan's speed but that speed isn's consistent at all. If I set the speed at 100%, the fan's alternate between 2000 and 2600rpm, and so with all other settings. It's not consistent, run up and down in and endless loop.


It is so frustrating because these unit is brand new and is the second H80 unit I have and both with problems.


I try to unistall all the drivers/programs over and over again and nothing change. Some of them doesn't change the speed at all, some others start the "up and down rpm" loop.


Any ideas?


(sorry for my bad english, im spanish :!oops: )

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I can't disable the CPU Fan control. Only options I have is:


Full on





I notice that during boot/shut down the fan's speed remains stable at the speed set before it. So I discard a hardware problem right?

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Which version? I suspect the latest Beta will be fine provided you use CL or later, see http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=864594.



I can't remember the version since I've been using HWinfo for months...


I'll check that link and see what I can do with that program. Can I put a system tray icon with SIV with the CPU Temperature?

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