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Space bar iffy?

DEL 707

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Received my K70 (red cherry switches) today, and as my 1st mechanical keyboard, I gotta say I really like the feel of it, but the space bar feels a little iffy?

It works fine, expecially when I'm typing fast, don't notice it too much, but when I'm playing a game and if I press it slow, it almost feels like it's "grating" and not smooth.

Is this normal for this keyboard?

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Don't worry too much. I've had 2 keyboard with MX Reds so far (K70 and K95) and the stabilized keys have always been slightly less smooth than the small keys. They are larger, use 3 stems instead of one, with only one of them having a spring inside, it's normal to feel different.


But if it actually grinds, then there may be a problem.

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