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Corsair Link not allowing non-OS HDD's to idle


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In my quest for a silent and energy efficient PC I've encountered a problem when Corsair Link is running.


I installed the H115i and Corsair Link 4 (latest version) a couple of weeks ago and have tracked my problem back to the Corsair Link software.


I have several secondary optical HDD's in my case, all set to idle after 10 mins of inactivity. Ever since installing the latest Corsair Link my drives will no longer idle while the program is running and showing in system tray.


If I exit the Corsair Link program via the system tray my non-OS HDD's will idle again after they are inactive for longer than 10 mins.


Is Corsair Link keeping non-OS HDD's from idling due to polling activity of the temp sensors, or something else?


Is there a way to stop this from occurring while Corsair Link is running?


Thanks for the help!

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