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I think my mini commander died


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Its about a year old, today I added two 120mm noctua industrial 2000 rpm fans to it using a splitter.


I already he 5 2000 rpm 140mm fans.


It worked for about 10 minutes, but the fan files were quirky. So I deleted the log files and reset cl4.


Then it went bananas. Every single fan was reving up and down constantly, at the same time my LEDs would blink.. Changing the fan profiles didn't work.


I unplugged everything and then rewired if all,, none of my fans work via the Commander mini. Verified my fans aren't dead, they work via motherboard fan headers.


The led on the Commander was flashing orange and green, so it seemed ok?


Is there anyway to factory reset the Commander or do anything? Or should I just rma?


Edit: OK update.. I tried to plug the fans back in via the Commander mini. Wierd things happening. Fan points 3 and 5 don't seem to work but the others do.


Also, wierd thing is when I plug in the fan splitter, to two fans.. Only one fan works, but when I disconnect one fan the other works.....


Edit 2: moved connected some after trying to connect a third fan, all fan ports on the corsair mini commander stopped working again.

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It says on the spec sheet;


For the 140mm: max input power 2.16w, max input current 0.18A, voltage 12v





For the 120mm: max input power 1.2w, max input current 0.1A, voltage 12v





I do have LEDs connected, corsair ones.

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There should not be a power issues.


What happens when you remove the two fans you just added?


It's wierd, when I plug fans back in a couple work, then the third doesn't work.. Thrn if I unplug and plug a working fan back in it doesn't work again. I unplug the Commander mini from the sata power and leave it for a while, plugs fans back in they work but then more than a couple breaks it again.


I'm guessing an rma is in order.

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