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Raptor HS40 constant white noise - help?!


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Hello :)


I was gifted this Corsair Raptor HS40 headset half a year ago for my birthday. I've mainly used it on skype and Teamspeak without much problems apart from it picking up noises like my extremely loud keyboard, until I tried to make a regular recording one time and tried recording a video with Shadowplay. I've found out it has absolutely horrible white noise, a constant loud buzzing that does not get less no matter how far (as I can get) away I am from my pc.


Now a few hours later, after doing countless google searches, I have not found any solution. Some people advice to lower the "boost" under levels or activate noise cancellation under "advanced settings" but I have neither of those options. I've updated all my drivers.


I'm completely lost on what to do. Any tips on how to remove this noise?

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