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h100i v2 rpm problem?


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I just bought a new h100i v2 yesterday and when I installed it I noticed some noise from the pump that I don't think should be there. When I listening closely with my ear I can hear it, and Corsair-link is reporting low RPM from the pump, not under the "h100i v2"-box, but under my motherboard-box so don't know if I got a bad pump from Corsair AGAIN.


I read that the pump, the 3pin you set in the CPU_FAN should do 2.2k RPM, is that correct..? If yes, Huston, we got a problem, 'cause mine is doing 858-890rpm in "balanced" and 1366-1378rpm in "performance". I read it would be a good idea to RMA it, but I don't know. That's why I turning here before I do a RMA-ticket.



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Where did you read this? You should specify the URL.


At a guess this is about a H100i rather than a H100iV2 so is not relevant.


Here, at Corsair. I can post link when I am home. No, it was about the v2. I am 90% sure about that. I think it was something like 'corsair h100i v2 high noise from pump'.

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