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Multi-Keys to one Macro in Corsair Utility


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Hello there,


So I've recently got my Corsair K70 and I really love it so far! Had a Logitech G19 keyboard before, the mechanical switches are quite something different!

But I miss the G-Keys on the left side tho I wanted a smaller keyboard for once as a change. I thought that I could set some Multi-Key Macros directly in the Corsair software but I can't seem to achieve that somehow...


Is there no way to set a multi-key press to one Macro? As example "Ctrl + Alt + Q" to enter a text? I can only seem to select one key in the assistant.


Version: Corsair Utility Engine V2.4.66 (latest)

Keyboard Firmware: 2.05 (latest)



Thanks already!

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No, it is not possible yet to start a macro with a combination of keys. I see it being requested a lot here on the forum though, they might add it in a future CUE version.


Aaaaaw, that's sad...

Well, I'm still in the 14 days of Amazon where I could send it back, maybe I'm really going for the "bigger" version then heh :)

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