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Static colours glitching on K95


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Hi all,


I will link my profile.


Basically, i created a profile with a custom visor as sort. but when i make the layer visible, it doesn't show it on the CUE, but the purple section (macros) bugs and flashes blue/dimmer purple for about 0.5 seconds. (its visible because it flashes, so yes, it is noticeable, even for 0.5 seconds!!).


Here is a video showing it (more noticeable in real life):



The Profile:



Running on:


Windows 10


Please could someone help?

just upload your fix please




broken profile.cueprofile

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Open the settings page (cog button at the top in the center), the option to disable the 16,8m colors is listed under your keyboard.


There is no "Enable 16.8m" checkbox for my keyboard (K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE). I've found it under demo K95 RGB though. I've tried uncheck it before plugging my keyboard in (The K95 demo will disappear once I plug in the K70 one) to see the difference but nope, the flickering lights are still there.

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The flickering affects only the "old" K65/70/K95 RGB keyboards. The new LUX or Rapidfire series have a new controller that doesn't have the flicker issue, thus the option won't appear for those.


And yet I'm seeing flickering lights on my K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE. Do I have a faulty K70? I read somewhere that STRAFE has new controller but can't remember whether it goes the same for the new K70's.

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It's consistent across my two PC, the profile hasn't even been copied over. It has to be just software/firmware or my K70.


Can you test if this effect will cause flickering to your keyboard too?


Try recreate this lighting effect, use color picker to replicate the color hex code from the screenshot if you'd like. The rainbow effect is running to the right in medium speed.






EDIT: This is to confirm that it's not just my K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE. I'm kinda worried since that Terabyte said that I shouldn't be seeing flickering lights on my K70 and yet I'm seeing them. Or maybe I misunderstood here. The flickering lighting is absolutely not controller's at fault and it's certainly from somewhere else, right?

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I feel lost here. Should I RMA my K70? I'll post video soon for proof.




EDIT: Well, I'd rather take a video on request.


Question is, can I downgrade firmware? Where can I find list of firmware images for my keyboard? And another question, did you guys tested K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE with the latest firmware and confirmed there's no flickering light issue on it? My friend confirmed no flickering issue on his K70 RGB LUX, but he hasn't updated to latest firmware though.




I've opened a ticket for the problem I'm having with K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE. I find it absurd to see flickering lights on it so I figured I'd open a ticket for it then.

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