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I just purchased the Corsair Hydro Series H115i Extreme.


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And i'm beginning to regret this purchase by reading some of the threads here.


Greetings folks! First post here.:biggrin:


I've been using the Lepa Aquachanger 240mm with ok results(70-80c) under load, but after adding 2 fans and moving the radiator, temps on my 6700k have simply become too high(90-100c's=bsod's)under load, and i'm hoping the Corsair will help.


I purchased some never before used cpu grease(Noctua NT-H1)to replace my aging Arctic Silver, 2xCorsair sp120 fans to add to the Lepa's 2xstatic fans with the intention of relocating the radiator from the top of the case down into the front for a push/pull config.


And since doing this, temps have gone bad to worse, and now after reseating the pump and re-applying grease(pea method) 3 times, checking fans airflow in the correct direction, and moving the rad back on top, temps are still same..


I'm stumped, which led me to purchase the H115i. It comes tomorrow and fingers are crossed.


Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Don't mix fans! Use either the stock fans or the fans you already have, but never mix them. Try getting the numbers again after changing your fan config.


Also make sure the cooling block is held down with pressure while you install the block.

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Oh gotcha. Building pc's for 15 years now, and it seems i'm still making rookie mistakes. Thanks for the heads up.

The H115i is here on the table and will be giving it a go here shortly.


Link to the Lepa fan specs.



Fan Speed 500 ~ 2300 rpm ±10%

Fan Rated Voltage 12 V

Fan Rated Current 0.38 A

Fan Air Flow 22.5 ~ 103.6 CFM

38.2 ~ 176.0 m3/h

Fan Static Pressure 0.2 ~ 4.5 mm-H2O

Fan Noise Level 14 ~ 35 dBA

Fan Connector 4 pin PWM

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