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Automatic Profile Switching not Working


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So i have been having this exact issue since my K70 RGB and i did the switch to the K70 RGB LUX because i had to have Blue Switches (loving it so far)


My issue is that i have a Profile Set to Automatically Change to when a screensaver is activated. The thing that is driving me nuts is that whenever i open the Executable file of the screensaver or Preview Screensaver the Keyboard DOES kick in with the profile. in other words it works flawlessly, but when the screen saver actually has to come up Lets say 10Min in the keyboard doesnt activate at all by itself as it should.


-I am Running Windows 10 this used to work before on Windows 7 and if im not wrong on the earlier versions of WIN10, what could be the issue?


-I have the Executable file of the screensaver saved under C:),Windows,screensaver.src


-i have tried multiple times reinstalling the program, i changed the profiles from k70 to k70 Lux with notepad++ but this issue was happening still with my regular K70 RGB


-CUE seems to be switching Other Programs automatically fine except for this,i dont see how this can be an issue when it does it on command but not automatically.


Any ideas? thankx :roll:

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