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CUE is making my Sabre RGB(laser) mouse freeze


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Here's a YouTube link explaining the issue better than I could in text.





Oh, and something I forgot to mention in the video: I updated Cue a couple days ago, but that is not what is causing the problem, as the freezing was happening long before that. All the problems present in this video have been present for quite a while now.


Also apologies for potato quality.


EDIT: Changed the polling rate on the mouse, fixed my mouse stuttering, now my keyboard is doing it (though it's not as extreme), and the option to change the polling rate is grayed out.


EDIT: Closing CUE doesn't fix the keyboard freezing issue.


EDIT: A couple things I forgot to mention about when I changed the polling rate on my mouse, my keyboard went dark, and when I tried to update firmware, it had the same problem as the mouse (says it can't, won't allow me to force update, the device is on malfunction).


EDIT: Rearranged the cables in the back of my computer, gave the "TrustedInstaller" permission to the Corsair folder, Keyboard is no longer in a malfunction state in CUE, but still drops inputs occasionally.

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