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"Middle Click"


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Assigning Middle Click to also be on the Sniper button, instead of having a Sniper button seems impossible.


This is the default configuration of the M65 RGB.


1. Left Click

2. Right Click

3. Middle Click

4. Backward

5. Forward

6. DPI Up

7. DPI Down

8. Sniper


All I want to do is change the "8. Sniper" button the preform the same action as the "3. Middle Click" button, but for some reason there is no such thing as Middle Click in any of the options available for the mouse.


The closest thing is something called "Middle Button" which is NOT the same as "Middle Click". The Middle Button option obviously doesn't work, or I wouldn't be here.


I've tried to Create New Action, going to the Mouse tab, and here I find a "Middle Click" option, but it does nothing as well.


I am not looking for a work around to fix my problem, I was promised to be able to remap my buttons, and I can't put what I want on my buttons.

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