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M65 PRO RGB Green Light Issue


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Hey all, my brother got a Corsair M65 PRO RGB mouse for his birthday and we've discovered an issue with one of the LEDs beside the scroll wheel. Whenever any green value is meant to be shown, the light will emit a lot more green than it should - EG: Blue at 255, green at 50 will mean the light shows green with a hint of blue. The other lights behave fine, it's just that one. CUE & the firmware are both updated to the latest version, we've tried rebooting and unplugging.


Here are are a couple images which show the problem: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNJnvifOyCk1KUVx8l3E0Bs5v9RpyS5s0pUPqz5rY4oydeY-GzTq-JzmiZNkvygMw?key=LUVpV3ZTLTd2VTFsVkVocGdUbVJvVS1OZkliLVFB

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