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Is it possible to top mount a H110i GTX on the upcoming 480X


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I am planning to purchasing the new 460x case in the near future and I know that it comes with 3 SP120 RGB. The problem is my H110i GTX uses 140mm fans instead of 120mm so I can't use them on my H110i GTX. I don't want to ruin the aesthetics of the case by moving the RGB fans somewhere else. Is it possible for me to fit the H110i GTX on top of the 460x?
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Nick .. posted in a similar thread.. but i am looking to purchase a new system and looking at the what i have listed in my system spec


Will a H115i fit in the top of a 460x with a Asus Hero III Alpha with the new 32Gb (2x 16) Corsair LED Vengeance RAM? as there is lots of speculation and even other comments in these very forums about it.


I am purchasing it all in the next day or so so really hoping for confirmation ASAP, and sorry - Sorry - Not to make a double thread, but also listed in the H115i thread here...


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No. The H115i has to go in the front per the product page. Futhermore, have a look at the following.


The first is a 240mm radiator in the roof. You have nothing to spare in relation to the LED memory. The taller Dominator would not work in this arrangement and neither would a 280mmm rad that is wider and closer to the board.



Here is the case with top mount 140mmx2 fans only. The front in a 240mm mount, but notice how tight is for the hoses. You should have a little more space with a 280 and 2x140mm fans in the front.


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