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White RM1000i?


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So I'm planning a new build, and I really, really, really want a white power supply.


While looking for cases I came across this pic: http://www.corsair.com/~/media/corsair/product-images/cases/400c/white/large/carbide_400c_wht_19.png


A white RM1000i with beautiful braided cables.


As far as I can tell it doesn't really exist. If I wanted that, I'd have to take it apart, paint it myself, and spend a small fortune (more than the cost of the PSU!) on replacement cables.. and then throw out the stock cables.


Does this PSU actually exist for sale anywhere or is it just a mod Corsair made for this picture? Are there any PSUs like this? Can Corsair make this PSU for sale? :(

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