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Halloween/Jack O Lantern

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Hi all. New here. I was inspired by some of the profiles I saw here, so I just picked up a K65 RGB LUX.


This is my first stab at a profile... a lit Jack O Lantern with the Moon in the corner.


I love the keyboard, but realize that red switches are great, but not what I ultimately want. I can't afford any of the Corsair RGB LUX boards with the brown (or maybe blue) switches yet, so I will probably return this one now and save up until I can get a K70 RGB LUX or something. But I am already addicted to building profiles, so hopefully I will be back again in the not-too-distant future with more. I will probably work on this one some more, too, and add some rolling fog. :headbang:


Please feel free to give me feedback or any tips.




Sorry for the terrible cell phone quality video. The colors bleed bad in this video, and the oranges look like yellows...





I uploaded the profile to dropbox if anyone wants it:


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