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m65 Macro not working in different programs


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Hey guys. I tried searching for this with no luck. Here is my problem. Most of the time I do not have any problems with my macros working correctly; however, in certain programs they will not work. example: In the BF1 Beta i tried keybiding some keys to my mouse button. It would not work. MY other friends have had no problems and I do not beleive its the game.


I also had a launcher for Arma 3. When i used the launcher it would not register my mouse macro keys. However, I could load arma from steam and would never experience a problem. Also my friend has a m65 and can bind keys find in both games. I feel like it is a weird problem that I cant understand how to fix.


Product: Corsair M65 Mouse

Firmware: 2.26



Thanks in advance

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