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How to switch between FPS/MOBA modes?


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I've just purchased the K70 (non-RGB version) and while I love the design and quality, I'm left quite disappointed by what appears to be kind of false advertising.


On the tin (box), the product advertises:


* "Flexible FPS and MOBA color profiles"

* "Per key backlighting for virtually unlimited game customisation"

* "Lightning Modes", showing "FPS" and "MOBA"


The term "profiles" (in plural) refers to the capability of storing different sets of keys in different profiles. That's how profiles work.


Combine this with "Per key backlighting for virtually unlimited game customisation" and the impression I got was that I can make different profiles for different games.


Finally, two of these (preset/default?) profiles would be "FPS" and "MOBA".


Unfortunately, in practice, I found that all this information on the box is misleading. The non-RGB version of the K70 is not programmable with profiles, as in the RGB version! Furthermore, this is a K70 (non-RGB) specific box, it's not a generic box that Corsair uses for all models. Hence, I don't understand why the company confuses its customers in this way.


I'm very happy with the aesthetics and the quality of this keyboard, I would buy it even without the bells and whistles Corsair wrongly promises on the box. However, I'll probably be more cautious next time I buy a Corsair product.


I hope this info is accepted for what it is meant to be, constructive feedback on how to further improve a product and the customer relationship.


Kind regards

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terabyte, thanks for confirming.



I've now returned the K70 for refund. The seller didn't have the LUX in stock, hence, I'm loosing any money paid on postage (on both directions). Shame on Corsair for false advertising of the product. If they want to put things right, I'd be glad to hear from a Corsair representative.

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