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Custom Cables/Cable Management Question


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Hello, I Own a HX850i PSU and would like to make custom cables for it.

I plan on using 550 paracord for my cables to obtain the look I want. And will 550 paracord fit the gauge of wire I need?


Which gauge of wire should I use to safely create custom cables? I hear different numbers, some say 16 others say 18.


Also I own a H115i AIO cpu cooler, But the one thing that bugs me is the Mini USB connector on the pump the connector leaves a mass of cable exposed.


Would it be possible for corsair to develop a wireless mini USB module that can communicate between the USB motherboard header and the pump without the need for a cord? It would set corsair apart from other brands, and without doubt boost corsairs stock. (If corsair hired me I could develop more innovative ideas.) (Contact me for business inquiries via email)


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550 is what a lot of guys are using. You can also buy pre-sleeved, connectorized wires if you want to do the molex yourself, or just get custom lengths from somewhere like cablemod.com


Warranty issues aside, plenty of people use 18awg all around and 20/22 for any pins requiring dual cables.

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