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Please helps. Fans at max rpm!


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Hello everyone.


I just built a new computer and I think I'm having an issue with the CPU cooler.


Here's some relevant specs:


Motherboard - MSI Z170 Mortar

CPU - i7 6700k

CPU Cooler - h100i v2 (Push/Pull 4x SP 120 High Performance)

Commander Mini


The problem is the h100i v2's fan are running (and stuck) at 2100 rpm. This makes the computer effectively sound as loud as a vacuum cleaner. I can't seem to set them in any configuration that slows them down.


There are four SPHP 120 fans in push pull, connected to a fan cable splitter (two down to one) into the two fan connectors that go to the cpu cooler. The corsair link cable is routed from a mini-usb to typa-a that is plugged into a rear usb 2.0. The commander mini is plugged into the usb 2.0 header (there is only one on the mobo) and the front I/O is routed to a 3.0 header.


I updated the mobo bios, I clean reinstalled windows, I removed and disconnected all the hardware and clean installed the drives, etc.


The mobo's fan control is off. However, the mobo says the CPU fan speed is about 900. The Corsair Link say it's 2100 (and doesn't move).


All the other fans in the case (there are 12 of them, mostly AF120HP's and two more SP120HP in push/pull on the GPU rad) and all of them work just fine. No issues.


I just can't for the life of me get the h100i v2 fans to slow down. It's pretty loud. Fixed rpm 40%, quiet, max, none of the settings change its speed.


(Side note, it's not this unit, this is the second h100i v2 that I've bought and they both had this exact issue. I don't think it's the unit.}


I'm attaching some pictures to try to help. I'm really lost on this one!




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