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Weird problem with key stuck on green


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Hey everyone!


I wanted to know if anyone of you could help me...I have a k70 RGB and its been great so far with no issues. Today I was making a new profile when suddenly I noticed one key (the . in the numpad) was green. When I try to recolor it, it does with no problem and it makes the light effects as it should, but when trying to make it black, it lits green. This happens when creating a new profile and when importing any profiles except for one, that i have with all the keyboard shut down and black. In this particular profile, it stays black and i can even recolor it and it goes back to black when pressing the black color; but its the only profile that does this, every other profile that i try to put the button black it stays green. I've tried to reinstall CUE (deleting the appdata folder), force firmware install on the keyboard, plug and unplug, restarting, shut down device lighting with no effect. My guess is that my firmware got bugged? Any help is appreciated :biggrin: Thanks!



Forced the keyboard's firmware to 1.12 (with 2.05 installed previously) and it happened the same, key stil lit green everywhere except that particular profile that only has all keys in black.


--UPDATE 2--

Well after some time messing arround with stuff, came across this. For some reason, if i put the 100% light editor button (the one next to the start lock) in some color lighter than blue, the button gets green, if i move it further than the middle blue, it works as it supposed to responding well to every color even black, thats why only one profile worked; because the 100% lighted indicator was at black...I dont understand whats happening right now. Basically, if the 100% bright indicator has green in its color, the numpad . button lights up in green.


--UPDATE 3--

So, its actually happened all over the keyboard :| for example, Ctrl lights up numpad 7, windows lights up numpad 8, letter f lights up the k and so on...

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