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Has my AX 860 taken out my system?

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So I left my PC, came back a few minutes later and it was off. So I turned it back on, and straight away turned off again and back on in a loop, trying to turn on but turning off straight away, turning just for enough time for my fan LEDs to turn on and my HDD to click. I then tried to see if it was plugged into the wall socket properly, I then turned it back on and it seemed to boot up, although I suspect that was because I had left it off for a few seconds. However it did not post, everything gets powered up but there is a red CPU LED and 00 was shown on the two LED segments.


I will list the component below, but I have a P9X79 Pro with a 3930k, that I have not yet overclocked with a AX860, that is a replacement for my AX850 that died two years ago on the same system. Things to note are that the system was a bit dusty but the CPU fan wasn't on full load, that the system was idle when it powered off and that I was loading it with CS:GO just minutes before.


I then later noticed above the LED segments in the bottom left hand corner some black matter that shouldn't be there. It was stuck to the motherboard, sort of looked like something had melted, so I pushed it with a piece of cardboard and it came off. I have no idea what it is, but it might have done damage to the motherboard. I have no idea what it is or where it came from, logically it can only either be part of a spider or something that got into the system(although I think that is unlikely) or from the system itself.


P9X79 Pro

3930k with a Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme not overclocked

16GB of DDR3 2133, Blue Ripjaws I think



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