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H40 to any other Corsair AIO. Fixing bracket recycling.


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I have a Corsair H40.


Two months I was having hard crashes and never found the cause. I took the PSU out to go get it tested and when doing so I noticed a hard white substance around the 1 of pipes on the radiator, a bit like chalk and is crumbly.


The hard crashes have come back and I'm pretty sure it's not the CPU overheating but I'm still interested in changing over this AIO.


What would be amazingly useful is if I can hot swap the kit, which would mean not having to change the retention bracket which would avoid taking out the motherboard.


I have a Corsair 750D and would like to change to the biggest rad AIO cooler Corsair so long as it fits on the same brackets.


My H40 is sitting on an i7 930, an X58 build that's.. just over 6 years old now.



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