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Problems with RM750


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I am currently facing issues with the Corsair RM750 and am no longer sure on what to do.


My PSU randomly shuts off whenever I run more demanding tasks. Timing is infrequent and seems to be temperature related. (It usually happens during more demanding games). For reference: I run a single Radeon 5500 series card and 16 GB of ram so power consumption should not be the issue.


I tried making a ticket using the corsair customer support portal last May but I keep getting turned down for RMA because I lost my receipt during moving.


I still have all of the original packaging just no receipt.

I was initially very happy with the psu unit but the experience with the failures and the lack of cooperation from customer support have left me a little disappointed in corsair.


Is anyone aware of any other ways to get support with this unit? I have done some reading up and noticed this is not an uncommon issue.

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