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MX Speed with Ring Dampeners


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did anybody tried to put on Ring Dampeners on Rapidfire keyboards with MX Speed switches?


If yes, what is the maximum thickness of rings?

I have two keyboards with MX Reds, I put rings with 0.4mm travel reduction on one of them and it seemed like a maximum there, because on some keys I had to over press some keys to seat the ring properly so the key was registered everytime before bottoming out.

Also I have rings with 0.2mm reduction on the other one and it was without issues since the beginning, no seating adjustments needed.


I prefer the shortest travel distance possible, so I want to know what is the maximum possible reduction which one can put on MX Speeds, since they have 0.5mm shorter travel time but also about 0.25mm shorter activation distance.

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4.0mm would be to thick... so I think they are 0.4 mm but Cherry MX Red have a total travel distance of 4 mm and an actuation point at 2 mm. So a travel reduction of 0.4 mm should work without any problems. :confused:



btw the MX Silver doesn't have a shorter travel distance of 0.5 mm. They have 0.6 mm shorter travel distance and also 0.6 mm shorter actuation point!



Some math for MX Silver:


Total Travel: 3.4 mm

Actuation Point: 1.2 mm

Max thickness of dampeners: 3.4 mm - 1.2 mm = 2.2 mm


So I think dampeners with 2 mm thickness should work. Same for MX Red (4 mm - 2 mm = 2 mm). So your 0.4 mm should be no problem for MX Red. ;):

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