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40% PWM limit?


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Hi there, posted previously on this, and received some good feedback from redray, but fir variety of reasons wasn't able to follow up on this.


My questions are related to my current Corsair product list of:



Commander Mini

Corsair ML140 fans (on H115i and as intakes at front of 750D Airflow)


Rest of specs in profile.


I haven't as yet fitted the ML140's as of yet. However, given that the selling point of these fans is the very high control range, then can someone please explain WHY Corsair Link limits the lower range at 40%? Given that these are 2000rpm fans, this means the lowest I will be able to run them will be ~800rpm, which whilst not making anyones ears bleed, will I imagine, still be fairly audible. Obviously these fans are capable of running as low as 20% (400rpm).


I understand that previously a Corsair rep has stated that the limit is to prevent fans from switching off. This is all well and good, however many other companies have got solutions in their software/ hardware that "tunes" the fans and recognises their controllable limits. Asus's Fan Xpert is 1 such example.


Obviously I could ditch Corsair Link and just run the fans from the motherboard and use Fan Xpert, but I do like a lot of the features of CL4. mostly the ability to set profiles and control fans depending on a number of temperatures. With Fan Xpert, the only option (that I can remember) is to have the fans ramp up and down with CPU temp.


I believe that I can probably do what I am looking to do and have a better curve with lower fan speeds using SIV, but I am not very familiar with that software and the interface isn't as user friendly as CL (no disrespect intended, as it looks to be a fantastic piece of software other than the UI).


Do Corsair ever plan on integrating some sort of tuning/ detection within their software so that those of us that have spent a great deal of money on their hardware can work it all as advertised.


ML140 fans "Extensive Control Range - A 1,600 RPM control range gives you total control between silence and absolute performance"


.... unless you happen to want to run them off our own fan control software, in which case we are halving that lower end control range!

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Well I may have jumped the gun.


For whatever reason, Corsair Link 4 with the Commander Mini is giving me a fairly wide control range - greater than the previous fans certainly.


The ML140's are advertised with a max speed of 2000RPM, but are maxing out at just over 1800. However, they are able to drop down to around 360RPM when selecting min speed of 500RPM.


This MIGHT be a failure in Corsair Link to properly determine the actual speeds, but 360 is pretty much spot on 20%.


Will experiment a bit more with them and see if SIV reports different speeds.

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Well no, you havn't jumped the gun.

Corsair LINK has always had a limit in how low you can go - currently it's 40% or 500 RPM, depending on if you use % or RPM.


Being able to go lower (and even stop fans) is one of oldest and most reposted feature requests for Corsair LINK and associated hardware. If you search this forum, you can probably dig up some of these threads.

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