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mode switching problem


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Hello , 3 days ago some water cup i had on my desk tipped over and spill on the right side of my beloved K95RGB mx cherry brown,over my Num pad keys, of course i disconnected it immediately and left it dry for the last 2 days just to be sure.


Today i connected its keys seem to work fine (even the numpads) but my M key seems to go through my profile modes (the first 3 memory modes to be more specific) whenever i press it, it basically does the same thing my M1 , M2 and M3 keys up above do only that it goes through all 3 , can someone please tell me if this is normal behaviour of the key or something went wrong with mine , if not how can i turn this function off , i reseted the modes to default and it still does it. its kind of annoying cause sometimes i have my browser over the Corsair Utility Engine and im not sure if its because it stays selected or something cause it sometimes decides to go through my modes when i press M even though i dont have the software up front...


P.S. if anyone had a similar situation happening and could tell me how "water tight" is the space between the switches and what are the chances that it went through and inside the keyboard.


thanks in advance , any help is appreciated !

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