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Potential K95 RGB Buyer Questions


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I've been shopping around, looking for the right keyboard for me, and I'm leaning toward getting the Corsair K95 RGB .


I've been researching my options for the past couple days, and I'm quite certain that I want independently backlit keys and an abundant amount of dedicated macro keys.


:question: Am I correct in assuming that the Corsair K95 RGB has the highest number of dedicated macro keys among all of the available RGB keyboards on the market (including competitors, but without naming names)?


:question: Are the macro scripts all stored in the onboard memory?


:question: Is there a maximum bytecode size for the macro slots listed anywhere? (I couldn't find it.)


:question: If I have only 1 USB 2.0 port available to use on any given system, can I run both K95 USB plugs through a USB hub? or extend the K95's power USB plug to a wall outlet adapter?

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1) I don't know all the competitors, but the K95 does have 18 extra buttons :D


2) No, all macros are executed from the CUE program. For the macros or lighting effects to work you must keep it active (in the background). Only static lighting and a few other settings are stored on the onboard memory. There is no "hardware playback" option for the macros. None of the CUE devices support it as far as I know (at least for now).


3) No, the macro can be as big as you want. As I just mentioned on #2 you can't save it on the onboard memory, thus there is not specific limit.


4) It might or might not work, there is no way to tell for sure until you try. For example some peoples plug in the keyboard in KVMs and some work, some half-work and others do not work at all. There is no guarantee that it will work properly, the only way to be sure would be to find someone that uses the same "solution".

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