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Scimitar RGB - Click macro problems.


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so i was having issues with the previous CUE for the past 2 days where it wouldn't register my side buttons. After research i found a lot of people have the issue. i also found that there was cue 2. so i downloaded that and it seems to have fixed my side button issue (fingers crossed).


However this has brought about another issue where the macros i make do not run the mouse clicks that i put in them. even just simple one where its; left mouse button down, delay 10ms, mouse button up.

Its really rather annoying after spending the amount i have on the mouse and keyboard and am considering taking it back as ive had nothing but issues. Normally ide wait and see if it got fixed but it seems to have been a problem for many users for a while(the side buttons).


Just to reiterate, my side buttons now work. fingers crossed but my original intention for those side buttons now arnt like they were in the previous cue before the side button problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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I've been having this issue for months. I have the Scimitar too. I saw there was the Beta 2 and so I uninstalled the old CUE and installed this one yesterday. I started my computer today and CUE will not work again. It wont even open when I try to launch from start menu.


I'm pretty angry now that I've spent so much money on this damn thing and I can't get it to work for more than a few hours.

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