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290X- HG10 Crossfire temperatures (help)


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I just got a second R9 290X with a HG10-A1/H60 AIO to set up crossfire. My original 290X is on a HG10-A1 with a H80i. Both H60 and H80i are in push/pull configuration with 2x Cougar Vortex 120mm fans (intake of case).


Card 1: 290X / H60

Card 2: 290X / H80i


What I'm noticing is a large temperature difference between card 1 and card 2.


Card 1 Idle: 42

Card 2 Idle: 37

Card 1 Load: 76

Card 2 Load: 70


Is the difference a result of the thicker rad on the H80 vs H60? Or is there something else going on? I wouldn't think the thicker rad would make a difference in idle temps.


I checked the seating of both cooling blocks and they're both secure with the same thermal compound application.


Edit: Card1's VRM 1/2 temps are also higher:


Card 1 Idle: 49/49

Card 2 Idle: 41/41

Card 1 Load: 110/64

Card 2 Load: 81/60


Is the 1st (top) card's fan helping to cool down the 2nd card?


Catalyst 16.8.2

GPU Core Clock: 1066 MHz, Memory Clock: 1266 MHz

Core voltage +25 mV



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