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Carbide SPEC 2 + H100i V2?


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Hello everyone!

I've been wondering if the H100i V2 would fit in a Carbide SPEC 2 case.


These are the parts I'm looking for at the moment.


Tried doing some googling but couldn't find the answer to that question.

The website only lists H55, H60, H75, H80i as compatible.

But it has space on top for a wider watercooler such as the H100i V2.


So, I just wanna be sure...



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According the product page, you are limited to the rear 120mm slot and the coolers you listed above. I suspect the top area is too shallow and collisions with the rear fan or front drive bay area are probable as well. It might be possible in the front slot, but I suspect it would require some modification and the removal of the drive bay supports.
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