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Plug Questions CX850M


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Hi guys.. maybe you can help me with this problem. I have a CX850M PSU. My GPU requires 2 PCIx 6 pin connectors. On the back of this PSU, on the far right upper and far right lower there are identical plugs. Right in between these 2 plugs it says " 6+2 PCIx & 4+4 CPU" but it dies not say wich one is wich one.. leading me to believe they are both identical. I checked the pins.. they are in fact identical. So, I have a GPU that requires 2 6 pin connections of supplemental power. i.e pcix 6 pin. I am sure you could run it off the same leg or 1 plug as the modular plugs that come with the PSU have piggybacked plugs. (2 pcix 6 pin on one leg) and there are 2 sets of them. So i plugged in the 2 cables to both plugs in the back of the PSU labeled 6+2 pci x and 4+4 cpu and have been running the card as stated. But I am reading scary nightmare posts on various forums that this is a NO NO! I cant figure out why but... anyways... plzx help me.. are the 2 plugs the same? are they both just capable of running either or? ill try to post a pic of the plugs: guess u cant do that here.. anyways. .here is the link


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