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H2100 - No Sound, Charging & Bluetooth LED ON


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I bought a H2100 wireless headset (Yellow around the foam ear) around 4 months ago. However today it has just decided it wont work.


I have no audio - Audio set to 100, Headset is set as default.

Charging light is constantly on and Orange

The Bluetooth light is constantly on solid Blue.


I have uninstalled the software and reinstalled no difference.


I have unplugged the dongle - the Headset light goes out, once dongle replugged the light goes solid again.


I have plugged the charge cable in seems to have no effect.


Rebooted the PC. Even turned it off and game it a hours downtime to have no effect.


It was all working fine this morning though .... nothing new installed, I just plugged in the headset to charge attempted to use later and nothing.


Wondering if anyone has any advise thanks

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