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Very Unhappy Customer

Leety McLeet

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Unfortunately I purchased a H2100 headset last year. The full product name is "Corsair Gaming H2100 Wireless Dolby® 7.1 Gaming Headset".


As a "Gaming" product, why the hell don't they work in an environment where the product is VERY likely to be used by user? They work great in small rooms, but take them to a LAN party (yeah, who'd have thought a "gamer" would do that?) and they barely work. Due to the size of the hall, number of other wireless devices, they can't cope!? These things set me back ~ £130.00 and would have expected them to work in this environment.


Well done Corsair. Oh, while I'm here. I often come across your power supplies (I repair broken computers), you wouldn't believe how many of your crappy PSU's die; and the one's that don't have that horrible noise from the coils. VERY POOR. No doubt this will go un-noticed, but I will be doing my best to steer people away from your sub-standard products.

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