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A key flickers on rainbow


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I bought the new Strafe RGB with MX Red the other day, plugged it in USB 2.0 (both connectors) and because i already have Sabre RGB i enabled the CUE Link and used rainbow wave on medium speed. I have noticed that the A key and sometimes the entire row of those keys (A S D . . .) flickers. A key is the worst because it flicked to solid white for less than a second and few moment later to solid red. I have tried to disable 16.8mil colors but no luck. It also happens with CUE link disabled. I havent noticed this issue on color shift mode or static color so i guess i will make myself a nice solid rainbow. I'm on the beta version of new CUE but it was happening on old CUE as well.


I have read that its a firmware/software issue but that thread is kinda old now and it seems like there is no fix yet.


I really dont want to RMA it. I had to RMA the very first model of K70 RGB because of key chatter on Escape. I love corsair keyboards but it seems like i always get faulty models :(

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