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Issues with memory upgrade 8-16gb


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So when I first purchased my computer I got 8g of corsair ram: CML8GX3M2A1600C9B. I recently decided to upgrade to 16gb so I purchased another pack of the same memory. However I have discovered that the two will not work together. I tested each of the kits separately and together. Separately they work, but together they won't. I noticed that the "version" was different between the two packs one was 4.19 and the other 8.18.


I have tried changing settings in the bios, and I even updated my bios to the latest version. Is there anyway to get them to work?


Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V-LX

Cpu i5 3570k not overclocked

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The official statement here in the forums is that two kits are not guaranteed to work together even if they are of the same model number. So unless you just want to just return the newer kit to get a single 16gb kit, i will try to explain the possible issue and a way around it.


I am thinking you might have run into a memory IC density related problem. That happens quite a bit when there is a long time between both production dates and dram production moved from one density to another - in this case your Ver4.19 kit could be dual sided and on 2Gbit ICs, while the newer Ver8.18 was built single sided from 4Gbit ICs (it obviously does not help that one Samsung and the other is Nanya based, but lets just ignore that for now).


Workaround: Install only the newer kit in the two recommended slots. Enable the XMP, restart to BIOS and set all primary and secondary timings manually. If your BIOS does not show the timings when they are set to AUTO, you can also copy them from Aida64 > Motherboard > SPD. Save, restart, test for stability and then power down and add the old kit. Usually lower density kits can run the higher density kits timings just fine, while the other way around tends to not work out.

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