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H2100 crackling noises and random headsed disconnects


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This is probably my second or third post about these headsets. The first pair ive got from them had an issue were the right speaker produced much lower noise then the left one.


They accepted my RMA and sent me a new headset. Now while using this one for like 3 days my headset keeps disconnecting for no reason it reconnects within 2-3 seconds but its still annoying as hell especially when it happens 7 times in a row.


The second problem is that i hear crackling noises while playing especially when there's a big shooting scene going on its like the speakers can't fuc*ing handle it or something.


People kept saying not to take the G930's because they suck but Jesus is this supposed to be a better alternative? What am i to do keep RMA-ing until i get a working unit? Shame on you corsair

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