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The worst experience I've ever had with a company's customer support.

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I think the few times I've had to submit warranty claims to other companies in the past spoiled me by their ease and quick turnaround, because the cold reception I received from Corsair shocked me.


Two months ago I ordered a H110 (factory recertified, 1-year warranty) from Newegg. After less than a month of actual use, the pump failed. In failing, it filled my room with the horribly familiar smell of burnt electronics. I tracked the smell to the pump head and, thinking a picture of the problem would be helpful in the replacement process, I popped off the cap and took a picture of the scorched control board.


Let me back up here and say the cap on the H110's pump head is not sealed in any way, with no warranty stickers or warnings. It's just a little compartment for the motor/control board with a lid designed to be easily taken off and put back on. The most enraging part is when I received the H110 the cap was already half off and I had to snap it back on before using it. According to Corsair, this voided my warranty.


This is a ridiculous situation. The funny thing is, if I hadn't tried to be helpful by including the picture in my RMA ticket, it would have been fine. So thank you Corsair for a faulty product which you have refused to address because I dared to remove a lid that was made to be removeable in an attempt to be a helpful customer. Lesson learned and consumer confidence lost.

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