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AX860I Corsiar link Fan speed issue


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My Setup:

ASUS Maximus V

Intel 3770

MSI 970

16gig Corsair Dominator 1866

Corsair AX860I Power Supply

Corsair Neutron 480gb

Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Corsair Link



Setting PS fan speed based on Percentage results in 100% fan speed regardless the settings.



1.) Open corsair link

2.) Click on the Power supply

3.) Select Fan speed

4.) Set the Fan off of Default

5.) Either using the number pad or the up and down arrows change the fan speed percentage.

6.) Hit apply


Expected Results:

The fan will spin up to the % set in the previous steps


Actual Results:

Regardless of the speed I set the fan to it goes to 100%.



I have rolled back to the previous version of Corsair Link and got the same results.

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